19 jan. 2012

One Too Many!!!!

Sometimes it just gets one too many!

This picture was taken in Almostlake the fall of 2010.

I know that most of us can relate to this picture. 
Often we feel like there are not enough hours in the day for everything we HAVE to do. We run around like crazy trying to acheive everything that is expected of us. We seem unacomplished if we havent traveled the world, had 2,5 kids, have a super bright career,done every crazy daring thing there is, have a huge house and more money then we can ever spend. 

But so many times we end up at that point when it just get ONE TOO MANY! 

We need to stop and realise that  our life is still complete without all those things. We do not need to be super successful in everything to live a good life. Just do what you feel you want to fill your life with and dont stress around thinking its not enough. Just living life can be hard enough, so why push it with unrealistic goals that someone else came up with. It is our life to shape as we chose to so why copy someone elses art when we can create our own. 


14 jan. 2012

Live Life Fearless And Careless!

Live Life On The Edge

This picture was taken last fall at my sisters place one day out walking in the forrest.

Thoughts about this one

What is life really about? Is it to take that straight way, that safe way that follows the stream and the speed limit? 
Or is it to try to go against the traffic, forget about speed limits and risk being hit? 

What is a life without taking risks,to risk being hurt or risk coming to a dead end and have to go back. Do we really need to have an opinion about everything or can we just be open minded and see things from both sides. Why not run free and do the things we dream of. Even if they seem foolish and we are not sure where it will lead us. 

Why not jump from that airplane and not worry about if the parashoot will open or not.Go cliff diving without thinking about if the water might be to shallow or if it is a rock under the surface. Book a planeticket without knowing where you will end up. Live life to the limit and live it on the edge. 

Dont let life hold its hands around you,but let it open its hands and you can embrace them instead. Then Jump off and fall, feel that feeling of being powerless of whats gonna happen. Let the wind hold you and take you places you never seen or even dared to dream of. 

Love without limits and dare to do it with all of your heart and dare to get it crushed too. Dare to try and fail and dare to fail and try again! Let life show you that there are no boundaries to it, it is just bound by your fears of letting go. Dont look back but look forward, misstakes are to learn from and a chance to do it differently the next time. 

We were given the gift of life and the gift of free will, so make the choices you want even if they might be crazy at the time causeYou never know what they might lead to.

Fear is something we are taught, we are never born to be afraid so why trust what others have taught you. Fear is a feeling just like love, happiness and sorrow. But we cannot be taught those feelings unless we experience them on our own. 

There will come a day when it is too late to run free and live careless and fearless, when all we have is the memory and our experiences. 
So do we want still at that day sit and dream, or do we wanna know that we lived life on the edge and followed our dreams!

12 jan. 2012


This is AMAZING!! I have readers from 6 different countries! Pretty cool that I have reached so many! Who would have thought. So excited!

11 jan. 2012

Remember To Never Give Up!

The Sun Will ALWAYS come back up

This picture was taken last winter In Borås where I temporarily live right now. And this is my thought when I see it!

The time will come in life when it seems like you are living in a black hole. Seems like you are alone and everything is hopeless. You see no way out of this darkness and it feels like it is draining the life out of you. Feels like the shadows are haunting you and death is just one step behind you waiting for you to fall. The cracks in the glass house you lived in is now shattered into a million peices. The pain is drowning you in its hopelessness and sorrow. You feel like giving in to what keeps following you but you force your feet to take one more step. It takes strenght you never thought you had, but maybe, just maybe that one step will let you to see the sun again.

When you are in that darkness, always remember that, You might have to walk far and for a very long time, but You will see the sun again! It was there the whole time but the clouds around you were just too thick to see it. Dont stop walking and dont give in to what is behind you trying to catch up, cause the sun will shine even brighter when you see it!

10 jan. 2012

Dont Judge

 Even if we dont look the same, We are all from the same branch

This picture was taken at a vineyard outside San Diego 2011.

I namned it this because people are so fast to judge others for all sorts of reasons. We did all grew from the same tree. 
These grapes are SO colorful together and they all have their specific taste and none of them have the exact same color or shape. Yet the perfect creation together.
So why is is so hard for us to accept this I wonder? 
Why cant we just see the other grape for what it is?
Why cant we see that it is a part of the same tree and the same branch as the other? But has its own color, taste and shape. We cannot judge what grew from the same earth, got nourished by the same sun under the same sky. 
Cause Who is to say if green, red, blue or yellow is any better then the other.
Even Raisins are good n they are dried and wrinkly.

6 jan. 2012

Life In The Beginning

 Unspoiled, Unshaped,Unaware

This is taken of the most beautiful little kids ever brought to this world!

When we are born we are so new to the world, we have no clue what is coming, who we are, what we will become. The good and sad thing is at this point we are the most impressionable and this is the time we get shaped. This is when we look at what others do so we can copy their behaviour. This is when we grow to learn what we like and dont like. The people around them show what is right or wrong, what to be afraid of or not, if they are beautiful, important and smart or not, this is when they learn love and hate. This is when they say I LOVE YOU but still are not completely aware of why they say it, but say it cause it seems like something others do. This is when they learn to say Im sorry and can accept an apology.

This is the beginning of a long path that will decide How their life will become,Who they will be and How they will be.

5 jan. 2012

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Deal with it!

It Never Works To Close Your Eyes

This photo was taken of my sister.
Many times we tend to close our eyes to what is going on around us, with others and ourselves. 
The problem with that is that everything always catches up to you. If you close your eyes too long you will end up being blind. 
You end up missing everything around you and never learn anything about life. Both hard times and the good is what shapes us and makes us humble they let us see things from other persepectives. 
But how will you ever be able to do that withg closed eyes.
You can help people to open their eyes but you can never make them see. 
People always choose what they wanna see.

I have learned the hard way that I cannot close my eyes, so now I keep them wide open. In a blink of an eye everything can change and I dont wanna be unprepared for that moment. 
I want to see it coming!

4 jan. 2012

Time and Clocks do not sync sometimes

Time stops but move on at the same time

This was taken in Prague, it is the Astromical clock at the old town square. 

In this picture time has stopped but the clock keeps ticking.This clock was made in the 1400th century and it has been there since then, but the clock is ticking our time.
When things gets hard in life it feels like the time where you are at that moment in time has stopped. But everything around you keeps going. Even if the clock is ticking you cant change what happened last minute or last second, we can not turn back time. We can not change the fact that sometimes time and clocks do not equal. When the time is right the clock will start ticking again. But very few clocks run on everlasting batteries.

3 jan. 2012

Statue On The Charles Bridge

Colored faces, trapped inside, behind the bars they sit.
The screams have been silenced, 
but the frozen stone capture the torture once found here.

Above rises heaven and hell through crosses never sworn to.
Dark gestures that cast stones never allowed to being thrown.

There they stand blinded with power and their false messages.
Like Magestic shadows against the sky the memories fades away.
Once so powerful, now forgotten into vague stories of the passed.

All things comes and goes, not even rocks can stand and last through time.
Strong and bright are now weak and darkened.

By Erika Lorde 3-1-12