2 dec. 2012

The action you never wanted is closing up..

The excitement is all over me,
I am ready for what to come,
snow is falling as I go,
go with you
My innocence is so see through

To be someone is all I know,
without this I am no one,
without this I am un seen,

I hold ur hand as we enter,
the door is dark and inviting,
it draws me to it,
I am ready, I am ready to prove

The hands covers me,
black mist in an empty room,
I see myself no more,
fumbling in darkness I try to escape,
these dark hands,

I am covered in shame as I run,
I am naked and confused,
Numbers is all I know,
ripped apart I see my soul,

As an angel of death it leaves my body,
words I never wanted to hear,
the soul I never had is killed once again,
by words of hate, of unreason

I tremble alone,
I cry alone,
O cut alone,
I lay alone, with shame...

The hands are there,
There will always be
as close as they can be,
burning my skin as fire
never leave anything unmarked..

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