31 maj 2012

The storm is now Behind me!

I have left the worst behind me and now the sun is shining bright again!!

29 maj 2012

We need storms to appreciate the calm..

Just like the weather changes, so do we.
If it rains all the time it becomes flooded and a catastrophy happens and we might even drown.
It there is too much sun, we dry out and we might even need rain to be able to appreciate the sun.
If there is too cold and starts to snow, it might even be a snowstorm, we will get lost and we will walk in cirlcles trying to find our way out of it, and would do anything to get warm again by making a fire.
If it is too much wind, it can build up hurricanes and twisters, and it will throw us off the path and push us out off of it.
 If it is calm on the other hand, everything will stand still and we can move as we want, we dont get pushed, lost, drown, and we dont walk in circles or dry out. We can see everything clear, and nothing is there to stop us from moving forward and no catastrophy will happen either.

22 maj 2012

She walks beside me through life

A Mother and her Child

A mother never gives up on her child,
She walks beside it through life,
The good times and the bad,
She will be there,
But when life gets to hard she Will carry it!

14 maj 2012

I am getting my photos out there!!

Feels so great when this website for tourism in Vilhelmina uses my pictures! I am getting them out there! YAY!! They also use my photos on their Facebook page! 


The Melancholia castle

For all of you that have seen the movie Melancholia, this is the Caste it was filmed at. I had the pleasure of visiting it way before the movie was recorded. Was a little surprised when I recognized it in the movie. Very very beautiful place outside of Gothenburg!