29 juni 2012

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder..

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder!

I love the Wild Pansy cause they grow together, have the same root are the same kind but none of them are alike. The colors are always different!! But no one more beautiful then the other! 
Just like us, it is all just comes down to who is looking at it.

26 juni 2012

My second exhibition!!

I am having my second exhibition this Saturday!! My theme is Nature and back in the day! Im doing a mix of old and new..


25 juni 2012

Is it her or the sun who shines the brightest?!

Amazing Photographer/cinematographer you just have to check out!!

Check Out Mariano Lorde, He is an AMAZING photographer/cinematographer! So creative and talented and very unique in his style! He has had the privelege of working with the top notch models, photographers, stylists, MUA and many other talented artists! He is a growing star shat already Shines VERY bright in San Diego where he lives!

So check his pages out and click Like if you like his work!
It is really really worth looking at, they are Incredible!!



Reconstruction of the passed can be hard..