4 sep. 2013

Once Queen of the ball..

Dust off my old dress
the seams are torn n
 thread is old,

It does not fit
moth eaten with
stains of the passed

My body 
speaks of loss
of age

Naked behind the dress
as I hold it
it starts to fall apart
crumbles into pieces

Ones so beautiful
now dust 
in my hands

My naked body


Crows circle around me
they see death
waiting to prey


Lust n Love
they do not
come as one

First Lust
then Love

But once love
is gone
Lust is all thats left
Lust for something else

I was undressed
I gave my naked body
left my dress to be
moth eaten

Love and Lust
is elsewhere
n I stand naked with 
a moth eaten dress

The promise in circles of eternity is broken..

I do not feel your hand in mine
the circle is broken
and lost

Words are floating 
like poison 
around me

Humility closes my heart
dreams breaks
as the circle
is split in two

The hand turns into three
white speaks of two
bound in eternity

Death has found its end
no death of mortal kind
the unspoken is said

Steps are leaving my sight
shadows of two 
as the soul dies

Now Empty Hands

The chain is only as strong as it's weakest link

On the Island..