13 dec. 2012

When passion is forced and actions are nothing but doubt..

The passion once burning hot,
is nothing more then a fading flame,
the words I long for is given away,
I will never hear them.

Once so clear and strong is weak,
nothing but a blur,
I am lost, trapped in hopes

Words are forced,
They are empty and meaningless,

I do not know the truth anymore,
Actions doubted and unreal,

I do not know what is real,

I close my heart to you,
I close my thoughts
as they do not mean anything
To you,

I seek in you what I lost,
you seek it in others,
Once gone never to return,
I will no longer hope,

Passion, even if returned
will be nothing but doubt, forced
Words means nothing
when given, if ever

Love is elsewhere given,
admiration is gone,
if it ever was there,

Beauty will fade,
that is all I am,
to you,

I seek in others what I cant find
in you,
The depth of me is found
by others,

My Touch goes unnoticed,
your lips on mine is vague,

Words of love is given,
but not to me,
it is a repetition of
old habits

Where and when did I lose Love, admiration, and desire? 

The glimpse of the side that is un known.. betrayed on the other..

2 dec. 2012

The action you never wanted is closing up..

The excitement is all over me,
I am ready for what to come,
snow is falling as I go,
go with you
My innocence is so see through

To be someone is all I know,
without this I am no one,
without this I am un seen,

I hold ur hand as we enter,
the door is dark and inviting,
it draws me to it,
I am ready, I am ready to prove

The hands covers me,
black mist in an empty room,
I see myself no more,
fumbling in darkness I try to escape,
these dark hands,

I am covered in shame as I run,
I am naked and confused,
Numbers is all I know,
ripped apart I see my soul,

As an angel of death it leaves my body,
words I never wanted to hear,
the soul I never had is killed once again,
by words of hate, of unreason

I tremble alone,
I cry alone,
O cut alone,
I lay alone, with shame...

The hands are there,
There will always be
as close as they can be,
burning my skin as fire
never leave anything unmarked..