27 dec. 2011

Sometimes You Are Just Speachless

The Beauty Of Nature!

This picture was taken at a vineyard in outside San Diego, Ca. Me and my hubsnad was there filming a balloonride. It was early morning and such an amazing day!

This picture is one of the most beautiful ones I have but with the most boring name. I can just sit and look at it for hours and hours and not come up with anything else but BEAUTY!  To me this is just breathtaking! How nature can create things this beautiful! I love Nature and taking pictures of it is my biggest passion. Flowers are closer to my heart then anything else. All the details that you can only see through a lense, all the colors and all the shapes they have. None is the other one alike even if they are the same kind. Nature is AMAZING to me and I wanna capture every little piece of it! 

20 dec. 2011

Amor Vincit Omnia

I happen to be a true believer that Love can conquer everything!  
If the Love is true it can move mountains, it knows no human boundaries, no distance or time can ever make it fade  and nothing can ever tear it apart. True love that is everlasting does exsist and it creates the greatest love stories life has ever made!

We see what we want to see

Everything Has A Different Side To it

This picture was taken in Vilhelmina on day in the fall when I was out bicycling.
Most people tend to judge others by the outside and forget that everybody has a different side that we dont always get to see. One person can seem secure on the outside but be scared on the inside, another can smile and seem super happy but cry inside. It makes you wonder what other people see when they look at you. Will they judge you and see the fasade or will they see who you really are. Do we dare to let others in or is it safer to stay behind that brick wall?

16 dec. 2011

Not always the best to take the easy way out

You Cant Always Stand Strong

This picture was taken in San Diego when I was waiting to get my first tattoo.
Its kinda weird that I named it You cant always stand strong, cause my first tattoo says, I will find my way or create it. And it means that no matter what I will find the way, if it isnt right there I will make my own way through life, I will make it happen and I will walk it. We always try to stand up as long as we can but sooner or later we will fall! So why not sit down and rest before we trip HARD! And dont always walk on the highway is it the small side roads that brings the most surprises!

15 dec. 2011

Todays Picture

Spread your wings wide if you wanna lean how to fly

This Picture was taken in Florida, Crestview. I was out bicycling and just saw it laying there on the ground. It was the biggest and most beautiful butterfly I had ever seen.
My thought about this is that you need to have a broad perspective of life, dont be afraid of new things and dont be close minded. Dont be locked up cause you dont dare to take risks or chances. You will just end up being trapped like a bird in a cage with broken wings.You cannot know what one side is if you do not know the other.

Life Is Full Of Surprises

There is ALWAYS a way through

This picture was taken in Vilhelmina, it was probably  -25C.
It reminded me of Life, how one always have to remember that there IS a way through even the harshest of times. The path might be just like this picture, you have to use great power and force yourself through.