29 nov. 2012

Insanity is just another version of what is real..

Lost in emotions I dare not meet,
I can no longer cross between the two worlds,
Unreal has become reality as Reality has become unreal,
I sleep as I am awake, awake as I am asleep,

Faced with the fears my mind tricks me to believe in,
I fight to hold on to sanity as I fall into the the well of
here is no tricks,
just delusions of what was real

I see clear with the eyes of insanity,
illusion is just another version of the truth,
my version,
what is for you real, is no more then a lie to me

A vision can provide the safest of jackets,
and the softest of rooms,
if told to the wrong person,
if not then nothing but praise and admiration,

Thoughts are the largest of all tricks
as they twist your mind to wonder
in ways unknown to you before,
nor unreal or real,

Between worlds there is no black or white
the grey zone is what is real,
Awake or asleep we wander in darkness,
all in our own insanity,

My sense tells me what is and is not,
your sense tells different,
what to trust if not our own,
nothing but tricks played as we fall,
between now and then, here and now
and what if and if at all

1 kommentar:

  1. Underbar dikt! Vad som är verkligt och inte är som du säger från person till person, tillfälle till tillfälle. Det du säger i dikten är oerhört viktigt för bla vården att förstå. Man kan utgå från sig själv när man dömmer/hjälper andra. "Hjälpen" kan ibland göra mer ska än nytta!