30 nov. 2012

When darkness takes its grip there is no return..

She sold her soul to the devil,
The consequences of her actions
Are haunting her like death hunts the living
She is no longer hers, but lost

Who will notice her absence,
As the darkness swallows her,
On the corner she stands alone,
in the hands of the highest bidder

She is taken advantaged of,
By the hardness of rough hands,
The marks are pain,
grotesque and harsh,
they stain the paleness of her skin,

Beside her the soul searcher walks,
Waiting for her to give up, give in,
She is sold but not given,
in her heart she is still here and now

Hate is love as it cuts her mind,
It is all she knows,
She is torn and damaged,
Never to return to what has been,

The beginning was lost as she was born,
End was already present,
All she knew was the nothing
That was given

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