4 jan. 2013

Loss comes in many shapes..

(Picture by John Bauer)

Misstakes never learned from,
are punished by the deepest of pain,
the outmost regret

I will now vanish,
 vanish for you,
never again let you in to my life,
the cracks are too obvious,
to you,

I will give you an empty shell,
 one you can never destroy ,
what is already gone,
once again
 is never again,

I will die with this inside,
and you will never know,

Pretend is a game well known,
 all that is real,
that is all I have ever known,

The most intimate moment,
and I am alone,
I am fake,
I give what you want
nothing more,

Tears hidden behind forced smiles,
 is a passed,
it turned into the future,
built on unspoken truths

I will now be a stranger,
to you,
false and unheard,
a passed never to be resolved

Blame is all that is left,
twisted truths are spoken,
never accepted,

I am forever hidden,
for you,
I shall be unknown,
to you

Resentment will be our love,
and so,
Love will be our one regret,
covered in each others misery,

Words never spoken is how I leave you,
I am left with the lies of a broken tounge,

whispers are dwelling in the shadows,
As we together stand,
split as two

I will never be yours,
Lost if forever lost,
in me,
I feel nothing, if anything at all,

There is nothing there
the passed is infront,
and what is,
is now me alone,

its over, you are gone.

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