15 apr. 2013

Love is only as strong as you make it

The secret paths of life takes you places no one never thought you would go
the refelection of who you once were fades into the new beginnings..
followed by reflections in your insane mind have no room for effections
forced are the feelings
forced by the hate you now hold so dear

It consumes you, it  rapes your soul
darkens it into a shell you cannot penetrate,
The drop you didn't see coming is now showering you
with a rain you do not want to meet
A drop can only fall so many times until it makes a hole,

The shadows of the unknown is poison
it infects the very core of which you were made of,
all is hate, hate is me, me is no longer you,

The flesh now speaks a truth long held strong
it will not consume, it will not penetrate,

Visdom learned is read but not kept,
it whispers as it fades in to nothing,
one cannot avoid what is there,
once lost, never to return
in a broken mind..

Torn is the hell once so easy to challenged,
it burns no more,
hell is no longer pain but
a shallow place to hide while doves die,

Words are spoken in hatred,
they consumes me in the truth I fear,
purpose of it is heard but not seen,
distant hope is lost..

Lost but not found it can be again,
lost is never lost if someone seeks,
treasure is only hunt for if gone,
Love is only as strong as you make it,

Darkness only consumes what is lost,
gone is not lost
but not yet found
secrets to open how to find
speaks the truth,

Your mind is only as strong as your beleives

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