9 maj 2013

Where you are is where I want to be Mother!!

I flee to the clouds
Freedom releases me from my chains there,

Trapped forever in the hands of others,
The wills of others breaks me down,
I have no where to run but towards the wind,
Temporary release is my way out of this prison,

One with you mother is the only way,
no calm can ever excist without you,
your beauty is stuning and I am compelled,
I am in love with your soul,
there are no fears in the arms of you

I caress your body with a passion I never felt,
I will protect you with the the wrath from the north
No one will ever occupy my thoughts like you Mother,
You and me are one, 

My rotting body will die in your hands
and i will welcome it,
the day I am one with you
is the day I am comlete,

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