12 juli 2013


You are building up inside me,
poising my dreams 
haunting my every waking hour

I cannot escape you,
you whisper words 
I do not dare to hear,
Acceptance makes it real,

False appearance is easy 
when forced,
there is no escape,
no way out

I close my eyes to then
now is all that keeps me sane
the rats are coming,
one after the other
they become stronger

Truth is a vague word
it means nothing 
There is no truth,
it is all just our own
imagination creating 
what our own reality

Nothing is more convincing
then our own mind
it lets us see what is not
and hide what is
and we blindly follow

We seek what is
but find what is not

I create my own truth
a truth which is not yours
My lie is truth for you
your truth is my lie
The only way we know to speak
is with a broken tounge

All is false
YOU are no purer then the other
YOU are no better then your next
YOU are just a creation of you own
Schizofrenic mind..

Everything depends on how many rats you can handle..

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