25 juni 2017

There's never a guarantee of comin' back. But passin' on, that's dead certain. (Captain Barbossa)

The road of Depression..

 The sky is grey, cloudy and heavy and the road is dark and doesn't seem to lead anywhere. You keep walking, dragging your feet, crawl on your knees until they bleed. Anything to not stop and surrender, give in and give up. 
Going back is not an option nor is standing still. Your battle is not with any outer enemy but demons fighting against you self inside your own mind. Your body and soul are at war. 
It is at this time, when you hurt the most and your own castle is falling apart that You need to force your mind to remember that the clouds will ease up, and the sun will break through. 
One step forward, no matter how small, is ALWAYS a step in the right direction. 

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